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Text Box: ChipVision’s patented PowerOpt™ low-power system synthesis tool is the first design-for-low-power solution that lets designers synthesize power-efficient RTL architectures from the Electronic System Level (ESL), where the most significant power optimization can be achieved. Using PowerOpt, semiconductor developers accurately analyze power consumption at the system level using real activity data, and automatically achieve power savings of up to 75 percent compared to RTL designed by hand.

PowerOpt software automatically optimizes for low power while directly synthesizing algorithmic ANSI C and SystemC code into Verilog RTL designs, producing the lowest-power RTL architecture. It optimizes algorithms, data path bit widths, resources, memory accesses, memory configurations, voltage and performance, clock gating and interconnects. The solution also implements leakage power optimizations. Sophisticated power analysis capabilities built into PowerOpt enable designers to interactively trade off power versus timing and area to make further optimizations to the design. Power constraints for downstream tools are output in Common Power Format (CPF) and Unified Power Format (UPF).



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Al-Khwārizmī, a Persian astronomer and mathematician is considered to be the father of algebra.  In A.D. 820 he wrote a book Algebra, being the first writing on systematic solutions of linear and quadratic equations.

Interesting enough, his essays On Calculation with Hindu Numerals written in 825 were translated to Latin in the 12th century as Algoritmi de numero Indorum, where the word Algoritmi was maybe a careless interpretation of  Al-Khwārizmī’s name, but became the synonym to the solutions of equations and mathematically represented problems.

Picture of stamp issued by Soviet Union in 1983, 1200 years since his birth.

File:Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Musa al-Khwarizmi.jpg