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So, what’s next?  The fixed wing has been tested, fun and definitely something need to get back to.  Gliders and soaring, maybe require too much of patience.  Balloons, too much work—jets, beyond the capability and only for millionaires.


Finally it leaves the helicopter, device my friend from Abound Logic describes as   “an error, which someone has tried to fix with another rotating blade”.


There must be some truth in the statement, just hovering a helicopter is requiring you to forget how you move with a fixed wing plane not to speak about making it to take off, fly and land.


The above picture is a drawing of Robinson Raven II Beta (Courtesy Robinson Helicopter Company), perhaps the most popular training vehicle today, with its larger model, Raven 44.

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Everyone remembers the novel De la Terre á la Lune by the famous science fiction author, Jules Verne.  The book came out just 104 years before man landed on the moon.  Jules Verne also wrote a novel Robur le conquerant, where Robur brings his flying ship with many vertical propellers to theWeldon Club’s meeting in Philly. Weldon Club members were flight enthusiasts believing the only flying vehicle can be lighter than air, not heavier than air.  An exiting adventure with the Albatross being destroyed, being reborn like the Phoenix from the ashes, Robur giving a lesson to his enemies and taking the secret of his away from them. The helicopter.

(Jules Verne picture by Félix Nadar)