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The logo of MindCrea has been chosen to tribute the creativeness of the great mathematicians. The logo shows the Golden Rectangle, which is a two-dimensional graphical presentation of Fibonacci Sequence.  The sequence of numbers is based on solving the problem of “How may pairs of rabbits will be produced in a year from a single pair of rabbits, if in every month each pair bears a new pair, which comes productive from the second month on?”  Knowing that the first pair is productive from the second month, the series comes to:


  1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233,…


It can also be expressed that any number in sequence is the sum of the previous two numbers.  As the sequence grows, the ratio of two successive numbers converges towards value 1.6180339887… This sequence has been connected to the ratios of nature, growth of patterns and plants, even to the measures of the human being.  There is the fun side of it,  read the novel “The da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown.


The Golden Rectangle is created using the squares with side lengths as in the Fibonacci Sequence, and the squares rotating counterclockwise building the rectangle.


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Leonardo Pisano, better known by his nickname Fibonacci, was born in Pisa, Italy, Anno Domini 1170, and passed away after a long life of about 80 years.  The above shown picture is of his statue, located in his home town, Pisa.  Fibonacci was encouraged by his father, Guilielmo, who worked in diplomatic posts as a public notary, to go to the school of accounting.  This happened in Bugia in Africa (now Bejaia in Algeria).  Fibonacci travelled widely in North Africa with his father, and learned about algebra and arithmetics.  About year 1200 Fibonacci returned to Pisa, and wrote his first book Liber abaci, where he described the basis for the Fibonacci Sequence.  Fibonacci work was a major contribution to mathematics and number theory for the centuries to come.

Google for ”History of Mathematics” to learn more.