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August the 10th, 2004, trying to figure out if gliding is a way to get back in flying.  The airfield is Räyskälä, the famous field in Finland known by the soaring enthusiasts (EFRY, 60 degr 44.55’ N / 24 degr 07.08’ E).  Räyskälä is also the base for the Finnish Sport Flying Institute.

In the pictures, left, waiting for the towing as the weather builds up.  Right, the day kept us between 700 and 1200 meters, and we enjoyed the beautiful views for a good hour .  The pilot was Jukka Munde from the local club, the glider Janus B.

Räyskälä has been hosting several international championship gliding competitions.  In June –. July 2005 Räyskälä was the place for the 13th European Championship Gliding competition. 

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Janus B is a two-seater German built glider.  The structure is fiberglass with a steel-tube center section.  The wingspan is 18.2 meters with a wing airfoil FX-67-K-170. The gross weight 621kg and the wing water ballast for high speed gliding is 120kg.  The glide ratio is 43:1, the maximum speed 110kph.  Janus isn’t quite the glider for the beginner, but requires constant feel and touch at the stick. 

There are motorized versions, the Janus CM self-launcher with a retractable mast mounted 45kW Rotax two-cycle engine, and the sustainer Janus CT with a 15kW Oehler Solo 2350 turbo engine.  Altogether 300 Janus gliders were built (including the original Janus and models B and C).

(The Janus B in picture above is located at Räyskälä, and belongs to  the local glider club.)